How geometric shapes can make your home appealing?

The ancient Greeks believed in geometry which later extended to be built within interior environment, design and decorating. Geometric patterns have been popular for commercial design for several years now. Their popularity is tied to a resurgence of retro designs and the mid-century modern aesthetic. Geometric forms add a sense of harmony to proportions. It is all about how to fill those empty spaces with the right amount of definition. Mostly to make the room stand out and have an edge by adding visual grammar through distinct works of geometry.

Here are a few ideas that can add a visual appeal to your home:

The most prominent pattern in the room, typically a rug with a colorful motif or accessories like vases, pottery, sets the tone for the rest of the space by an eclectic twist with logic of shape and space.


Conic and triangular patterns show direction and progress while rectangular patterns add the sense of stability and conformity. Add interest and a quirky focal point.


The five elements of feng shui (fire, earth, water, wood, metal)


Modern fiber art runs the gamut from tame and traditional- jaunty patterns. Door ironmongery- brushed bronze metal work and gunmetal.


A mix of accent pillows unites all the colors used throughout the room into a proverbial bow geometric prints with an organic pattern. Subtle geometric design than the others, but the monochrome feature wall patterns and complementary scatter cushions. Adding vibrancy to a neutral palette through bold expression of a geometrical structure in place.


Space is divided into two types namely – Two Dimensional Space which covers the floor (includes length and width) and Three Dimensional Space which forms the living space (includes length, width and height).


Vertical shapes: more forceful sense of strength - if you use stripes in large pieces, you’ll need to balance that impact with solid colors - masculine in energy.


Horizontal shapes resonate a calm, restfulness, peace, and stillness. perfect for bedrooms// relaxed sanctuary - feminine energy.


Lines are broadly categorized into three types – Horizontal, Vertical and Dynamic. Lines give birth to forms and shapes and are responsible for establishing a sense of harmony, contrast and unity.


zigzags is a right-brained individual with a holistic perspective ethnic nordic decor - Scandinavian design - color blocking, but zig zag patterns as well with an ethnic twist.


Strong decorating tradition: herringbone pattern background - geometric upholstery and woven chairs

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