Kitchen Designs for the modern home

The Kitchen is probably the most visited/used section in the house, so you will definitely want it to be a space you love spending time in. Figuratively, a functional kitchen is what one should have in mind- something that is sleek, appealing and at the same time dynamic in terms of utility. So whether you're renovating or simply looking for some inspirational designs. This can serve as your rule book for your perfect kitchen.

island kitchen

Basic Design

Based on the space and the utility of the kitchen one must decide on the framework of the kitchen, which allocates space for the workstation /counter space and adjoining functionalities. Kinds of designs you can zero in:


Straight or parallel kitchens (small and compact kitchens)

L shaped kitchens (medium sized kitchens) U or C shaped kitchens ( spacious kitchens) Island Kitchens (large kitchens)

morrU shape Kitchenor

Colour & Finish

Every Kitchen has to have a dedicated colour and finish. With various options available: Steel, Laminate, Wooden/MDF, Acrylic Matte/Glossy, Glass PU coated finish. The tones can vary from- Neutral to Carnival through Vintage.

Color and Finish

Built- in accessories

Kitchens should be well equipped with all the essentials. In addition here are some accessories to amp up your kitchen Extra Lighting Coffee machines OTG - Oven, Toaster & Griller Chimneys & exhausts for proper ventilation ( a must) Dishwashe


Kitchen cabinets

Pull out cabinets are essential to meet storage requirements for cutlery, utensils et al. Additional good-to-have features like soft close drawers and doors.

Kitchen Cabinets

Horizontal / Tall storage cabinets

Additional fittings washing casket Dishwasher in built baking/ baker/ microwave

Tall Unit
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