Brooks Atwood

Brooks Atwood is Chief Design Officer of California Dream Works. Based out of Brooklyn, Atwood is a master of intelligent design and innovative creative strategies. Securing several international awards for his works of creative design, Atwood is recognized as ‘Top Six Emerging US Designers’ by the Museum of Arts & Design (MAD), New York City, and as “World’s Innovative Creators” by Eyes IN.

About Us

Atwood has a passion for authentic designs and incorporates his strategies and craftsmanship in building unique pieces of premium bespoke furniture.

Bridging advanced computation with traditional visual art, his masterpiece, is represented in the permanent collection at the Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, Korea. His works are now used as illustrations for aspiring creative designers.

Atwood is one of the most influential persons in Brooklyn and was listed in “Brooklyn’s 20 Top Best Design Influencers” in recreating and impacting the city’s artistic and cultural landscape. His works are celebrated all around the world in the most renowned museums of all time, including Korea, Germany, England and New York City.

While his achievements speak for him, his passion for originality and uniqueness in design drive his work ethic. Brooks Atwood, apart from being one of the most celebrated design artists in the world, also contributes his time for TEDx Talk.